Salesperson License: 3 Course Package

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    Salesperson License: 3 Course Package
    The three course package includes, California Real Estate Practice, California Real Estate Principles, and an elective course previously chosen. The three course package, once completed, will fulfill all prerequisites required to obtain your Real Estate Salesperson License!        
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  • CA RE Practice 9E Hi-Res
    Real Estate Practice Course
    The ninth edition of California Real Estate Practice offers practical information for people joining the real estate industry. Topics include listing contracts, disclosures, sales comparatives, prospecting and sales methods.
  • BookCovers_0002_California-Real-Estate-Principles-9th-Edition-Update-eBook-147699-978-1-4754-3498-9
    Real Estate Principles Course
    California Real Estate Principles offers a comprehensive introduction to the real estate business. With detailed outlines of property types and ownerships as wells as the intricacies of working with escrow and title companies, this course was developed to train new agents on the principles of real estate.
  • CA-RE-Finance-9E-Hi-Res
    California Real Estate Finance Course
    California Real Estate Finance helps students understand the monetary system and nuances of home mortgages. It details the instruments of financial leverage at each stage of the market. The book is designed to offer instruction in real estate finance.
  • BookCovers_0004_California-Real-Estate-Law-8th-Edition-Update-eBook-147703-978-1-4754-3502-3
    California Real Estate Law Course
    California Real Estate Law is an introduction to the laws the make up the real estate transactions in the state of California. The course provides students with over 200 case studies which help them apply these lessons to their daily activities. The course is designed to bring the law to life and explore the misconceptions and myths that can affect your business. Learn the best ways to avoid legal battles with this course today.
  • BookCovers_0001_Fundamentals-of-Real-Estate-Appraisal-12th-Edition-141379-978-1-4754-2748-6-
    Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal Course
    This course outlines the newest changes in the appraisal industry and its impact on your real estate transactions. It provides practical applications for all parties in the real estate industry and provides a strong foundation for understanding the real estate appraisal market. The text includes learning objectives and review questions as well as the basic principles and procedure requirements of the Appraiser Qualification Board.
  • BookCovers_0000_California-Real-Estate-Economics-5th-Edition-eBook-144375-978-1-4754-3028-8-
    California Real Estate Economics Course
    Real Estate Economics is a book that is built on strong economic and financial principles designed to train students on economic theory and how it related to the real estate industry. It focuses on factors that cause real estate values to change. The "In California" section and state appendices will give direct insight into local issues. The textbook includes great resources that help students build a successful business with contracts, quizzes, checklists and other sample forms.
  • BookCovers_0008_Real-Estate-Brokerage_-A-Management-Guide-8th-Edition-109127-978-1-4754-2215-3
    Real Estate Brokerage: A Management Guide Course
    This textbook assists students with successfully establishing and managing a real estate brokerage. It offers an application focused approach to help you become a more effective leader and to develop skills to survive the ever changing business environment of real estate. This course will show you how to set up a sound business and make it grow. It outlines five success steps to follow in establishing and keeping a brokerage on track.
  • BookCovers_0006_Property-Management-9th-Edition-106347-978-1-4277-4791-4-
    Property Management Course
    The ninth edition of Property Management offers the most current and thorough overview of the property management industry. It offers a realistic approach to issues facing property managers such as accounting, maintenance, administration and legal guidelines. With the most recent federal regulations including fair housing, civil rights, ADA issues and environmental concerns, students will be prepared to face the challenges this industry provides.

Additional Resources

  • prep-state-exam
    State Exam Prep
    CA Realty Training's online exam preparation course is designed to help students pass their state license exam on their first attempt. The exam preparation course contains over 1,000 questions from the 7 categories covered on the state exam. Students have access to an unlimited amount of sample test variations. All sample tests are timed to help students prepare properly for the state exam.